Wisconsin Republicans to Vote on Curbing Newly Elected Democrats' Power


The truth is, Wisconsin's GOP power grab took place precisely because the state GOP is afraid of democracy. The move was a follow-up to a 2013 voter ID law, which the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down in 2016 and called a racist voter suppression that targeted people of color "with nearly surgical precision". The attorney general will now need permission from the legislature to withdraw from lawsuits which will prevent the incoming attorney general from ending an ongoing suit by the state against the Affordable Care Act.

He slammed the GOP proposals now as "unconstitutional violations of separations of powers".

Amid protests and accusations of a power grab, the Republican-led Wisconsin legislature approved a package of measures Wednesday meant to curb the authority of the U.S. state's newly-elected, incoming Democratic governor. The GOP lawmakers also acted to limit early voting, even though a previous effort to do so was rebuffed in the courts.

"Over 2.6 million voters of this state cast their ballots, and they spoke up clearly for a change from eight years of complete Republican control of state government".

Democracy watchers across the country weighed in as concerned citizens and journalists flooded the Capitol in Madison again Wednesday morning.

Vos and Fitzgerald were not present to defend their proposals or listen to the hours of impassioned opposition. Republicans will maintain their majorities in the Legislature next year when the Democratic Evers takes over.

Despite the furious response, Republicans pressed ahead - passing their bills in the state senate in the early morning hours Wednesday and later in the morning in the state assembly. They came hoping that their presence would make a difference. Two of the eight people who signed the statement were appointed by outgoing Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Update: The Republican plan has passed the state Assembly. "Depends on what they send me", he said. The only goal it served was to keep him from filling these slots.

Republicans split over language setting up a high-risk pool and many balked over text that seemed to mirror Obamacare, while Democrats said the measure imposed lifetime caps on coverage, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Another element of the bill would make it more hard for Evers to alter some GOP-backed laws, including Wisconsin's voter ID law.

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Wisconsin Republicans are about to lose a governor who supports their policies to limit assistance to the poor, so they just locked them in before a newly elected Democrat takes office. "What's going on in Wisconsin today shouldn't be dismissed as just one state's experience". The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism ran a recent expose on this trend, titled "Last-minute surprises and secretive moves hide Wisconsin lawmakers' actions from public view". "It is unfortunate that instead of respecting the prerogative of Wisconsin voters, Madison Republicans are serving themselves by gutting checks and balances and consolidating their own power".

"Just because Republicans in Wisconsin and MI don't like the outcome of the election does not give them (the) right to put power over people and disregard the will of the voters", Post said. "We are seeing something that's really quite unprecedented".

He says the legislation is "virtually certain" to generate lawsuits across multiple courts.

Thousands of calls and emails have flowed into legislators' offices, opposing these changes.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is criticizing protesters who jeered him during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Republican lawmakers pushed through a sweeping set of bills that will limit the power of Governor-elect Evers.

Evers said the GOP agenda was an embarrassing look for the state. But the GOP's leadership did not care.

"'What they are planning for the Republican Party of Wisconsin will malign its integrity and lead to its downfall", he wrote.

He added that he "proposed none of this" but declined to say whether he would sign any of the measures. "The Republican base may like that but it's not the thing that gets them going".

A smash-mouth political climate merits a smash-mouth response.

"Wisconsin Republicans have gone too far and people from both sides of the aisle have made that clear by flooding their offices with calls and emails".