AWS launches RoboMaker dev service for building intelligent robotics apps


Each of the companies operate ground facilities already but will work with AWS Ground Station to augment operations. However, it is expensive for AWS's customers as they have to build or lease ground antennas to communicate with the satellites, says AWS.

In collaboration with global aerospace company Lockheed Martin, AWS will integrate its network of ground station services with the former's new antenna network to give customers the ability to download data from multiple satellites at the same time.

The bank is also preparing to use AWS's advanced machine learning technologies like Amazon SageMaker to automate tasks related to financial operations and use more analytics capabilities to gain insights into what customers want. AWS has also made both source code and documentation of the AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions for ROS publicly available under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0.

Banco Santander's digital-only subsidiary Openbank has moved to the cloud, going all-in on Amazon Web Services.

AWS noted that achieving the AWS IoT Service Delivery designation for AWS IoT Core differentiates Klika Tech as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialized, demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering AWS solutions.

With this ability, developers can easily add more features like location-based services, replenishment, industrial data processing, alarm and messaging, fix and maintenance, logistics, and more, without writing code, AWS said. CEO of AWS Andy Jassy took to Twitter after the announcement, saying AWS has passed the ARM-based energy savings on to its customers, "reducing them by up to 45% for scale-out workloads".

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In September, Reuters reported that AWS was in talks with Chile to house and mine massive amounts of data generated by the country's telescopes.

There are now over 2,000 satellites orbiting the Earth and collecting data, with 16,000 expected to be in low orbit over the next decade. This covers AWS' GovCloud and Secret Regions across almost every data classification.

Customers and partners now previewing the AWS Ground Station are Lockheed Martin, Digital Globe, HawkEye, Advanced Space, Open Cosmos, Black Sky, Capella Space and others.

Executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Rick Ambrose said that his company would develop a network of low-priced ground-based antennas that could help deliver the new service.

Lockheed Martin Verge is now available in private beta for customers with satellites that support S-band frequencies and can downlink in the Denver, Colorado area. They can get access to a ground station on short notice to handle a special event such as severe weather, a natural disaster, or a sporting event.