After Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Daredevil axed by Netflix


In a statement issued to Deadline, Netflix cited Season 3's ending specifically as a reason for why the streaming giant felt now, of all times, was the right time to close the book on the character.

And a second season of crossover series "The Defenders" is considered unlikely, though not impossible, given the fate of "Iron Fist", "Luke Cage", and "Daredevil".

Netflix released a statement to Deadline this evening, thanking the cast, crew and saying how proud they were of the show over its three-season run.

The news comes after Netflix and Marvel parted ways with two of their other series in Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Cox said of his character, "He's kind of got a new attitude toward life, toward himself, toward God and that makes him more reckless than ever".

Marvel fans have been pleased with Season 3 of Daredevil and were looking forward to Season 4.

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Daredevil season two can be streamed on Netflix now.

Netflix has never been afraid to cancel high-profile original content if it feels the need. Fans can only hope that Netflix's words are indeed prophetic and that Marvel's streaming service will revisit these more down-to-earth supes rather than just focusing on the big, money-making names.

Argument Against: It's only technically nearly over because we have one more season of The Punisher and Jessica Jones coming in 2019.

All this further fuels speculation that Disney/Marvel may resurrect all the cancelled series when it launches its new streaming service.

Meanwhile, Jay Ali, who played the role of Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Rahul "Ray" Nadeem said, "So Sad to hear the end of @Daredevil.I was so lucky and fortunate to be apart of this awesome show and work with such an unbelievable cast and crew". We'd say that both of 'em seem safe, but we also would've said that about Daredevil if you'd asked us half an hour ago. In contrast to a strong first season, AKA Jessica Jones Season 2 was largely panned by critics and fans alike.