Donald Trump rejects his own government's report on climate change


The White House released an alarming climate change report on Black Friday, attempting to bury a 1,656-page government assessment that directly contradicts President Trump's history of climate change denial.

Thirteen federal agencies and more than 300 authors produced the report; their work stretched into the first two years of the Trump administration. And the vast, vast majority of experts agree that climate change is real and caused by human activity-and that we're careening toward a risky point of no return that'll bring massive damages (if we're not already past that point).

According to CNN, the report that President Trump does not believe was released on Black Friday last week when the country was paying absolutely zero attention to politics.

US carbon emissions from industry slipped 2.7 per cent previous year as coal plants shut and use of natural gas and renewable energy rose.

Mr Trump responded, saying: "I don't believe it".

Increasing temperatures and more extreme weather patterns such as flooding and drought will have serious consequences on crop and livestock production, according to the Fourth National Climate Assessment that was released the day after Thanksgiving.

Trump has misunderstood climate change warnings for the majority of a decade now, while using the occasional cold snap as proof to discredit its existence.

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Casting doubt on climate change is anything but out of the ordinary for Trump.

The report links heat waves, wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, droughts, crop failures, and damage to infrastructure that has already affected US communities to climate change, and says that "to avoid substantial damages to the USA economy, environment, and human health and well-being over the coming decades", people must take aggressive steps to mitigate climate effects and adapt to those that are already inevitable. In the US, tree canopy increased by 15%.

The report puts a dollar figure on the economic damages from unmitigated climate change. "Rural communities, where economies are more tightly interconnected with agriculture than with other sectors, are particularly vulnerable to the agricultural volatility related to climate".

"Trump is ignoring the alarm bells to protect our country from climate change, yet at the same time he is building sea walls in Scotland to protect his golf course from the rising sea, ' Brune said by email".

Democrats said the report shows that addressing climate change must become a priority for next year's Congress. I think if we're going to move away from fossil fuels, it's got to be done through innovation. Carol Werner, executive director of the policy nonprofit Environmental and Energy Study Institute, says in a statement.

"We have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, work on adaptation and mitigation, and explore technology solutions such as geoengineering and carbon capture and sequestration", Johnson added. I believe there's change, and I believe it goes up and it goes down, and it goes up again'. We need some fast!

The study also dives into what is causing all this climate change - us.