So what if the iPad Pro bends easily?


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Apple unveiled its newest iPad Pro models a few weeks ago, which come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch variations. Now, Zack Nelson of the channel JerryRigEverything demonstrated how easy it is to bend and crack open the tablet without much exertion.

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Again, the bend test does crack and displace the screen from the frame but thanks to a bit of flex the touch functionality remained steady and required the host to commit other acts of tech atrocities to finally destroy the Surface Pro 6.

In his video, Zach explains, the iPad Pro is "like tinfoil wrapped around mashed potatoes", and that "the iPad Pro just doesn't have any of that structural integrity stuff". In the middle of the tablet, on one side we have a cutout used for wireless charging while on the other side we have a hole for the microphone. After bending and breaking the iPad, we get a look at the inside of the device which shows no sign of any proper structure holding things together. As for the bend test - sure, you're probably not going to fit an iPad this big in your pants' pockets, but you might inadvertently sit on it while it's on a couch or something. He then goes on to scratch the iPad's screen to see how the glass holds up and it seems that the screen does offer a fair level of scratch resistance. That is, of course, absolutely ridiculous but it does highlight the uphill struggle Apple will face when trying to convince people that the iPad Pro is a potential computer replacement. It is concerning to see how fragile the tablet is.