Google's 'Find My Device' app now has 'indoor maps'


And still, there are those that said they couldn't disable the network's Safe Mode, which would have allowed them to see more mature content from blogs.

Google has introduced an "indoor maps" feature to the "Find My Device" app so that it can direct users to the spot where they might have accidentally dropped their smartphones. Some users have managed to work around this issue by downloading the app from the Purchased section of the App Store, though this trick is not working for everyone.

The app is still available to download through Google's app store, although it's unclear if the same problem occurred in the Android version of the app.

The disappearance of Tumblr from Apple's App Store made it to news headlines throughout the world a few days ago.

Security beefed up at Sabarimala temple
Trupti Desai and her six colleagues reportedly landed at 4:30 this morning to carry out her plan to enter the Sabarimala temple. There will be a huge protest against this, not just here, but everywhere else", warned Pillai.

Upstart Sixers with Butler set to host Suns
Nikola Vucevic scored 24 of his 36 points in the second half and grabbed 13 rebounds for Orlando, who led by as many as 21 points. Of course my belief in God is going to help me play the way I'm playing. "For the most part I'm just working on my game".

Airbnb removes Israeli West Bank settlement listings
On Monday, Airbnb announced it is removing lodging listings placed by Israelis who live in communities in Judea and Samaria. Israeli leaders slammed the decision and called on Airbnb to reverse it.

Tumblr has been removed from Apple's iOS App Store after sick child pornography was found on the social networking service.

It later explains that child porn content, which had not been previously flagged in the "industry database", was discovered by Tumblr officials during a "routine audit". It should be noted that this is not the first time Apple has pulled an app from the App Store due to it hosting illegal content. This led to it being banned for a day in Indonesia over the mature content.

Tumblr partners with organizations including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to compare uploaded material to databases of unacceptable and illegal content. Since Apple itself doesn't have direct control over what gets posted on Tumblr, its only option is to just remove Tumblr itself from circulation. Tumblr, sadly, has become notorious exactly for that type of content that would immediately get you banned on Facebook and Twitter.

"We're working to resolve an issue with the iOS app and hope to be fully functional again soon".