UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation


A British Airways pilot contacted Irish air traffic control on Friday to report a sighting of an unidentified flying object.

Shannon Air Traffic Control received a call from a British Airways pilot flying from Montreal to Heathrow over County Kerry at 6.47am on 9 November.

"It was moving so fast", she said, according to the Guardian.

One pilot who spotted the object asked air traffic control in Shannon if there was military activity in the area and was told there was not. He added that they climbed away at speed and they were very bright.

Something weird has been sighted in the skies above Ireland - after several airliner pilots encountered a "very bright, very fast" object last week.

Mach 2 is 2,500 kph - twice the speed of sound. He repeated the details about the objects being very bright and moving at extremely high speeds, likening their appearance to an object re-entering the earth's atmosphere from space.

Two more pilots chimed in, sharing the same impressions, with one expressing relief that it wasn't "just him".

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Two commercial pilots flying near the south-west coast of the country spotted a fast-moving object cross the aircraft and vanish into thin air.

"They are completely random, they happen in broad daylight, they happen in the dead of night", he said.

You can listen to the full exchange from the 17 minute mark below. It's believed three different pilots have been recorded saying they saw something that they can't explain.

A beam of light travelling at a very high speed.

This incident, like others we have felt worthy of reporting on before, was also corroborated by multiple aircraft, and in this case, those aircraft were spread quite far apart.

Shannon ATC: "Speedbird 94?"