Democrats capture House, GOP holds Senate


That would give the Senate the role of blocking House-passed Democratic initiatives on everything from health care to the potential repeal of tax cuts on the wealthy that the GOP enacted a year ago. And in Tennessee, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn defeated former Gov. Phil Bredesen, a top Democratic recruit.

Among those expected were Trump's adult children, White House aides, Republican officials and presidential friends.

According to The New York Times, amid signs that the nation's deep political and cultural divisions that lifted Trump in 2016 may only be deepening, "rural voters were breaking sharply" with their counterparts in the suburban districts and metropolitan areas, as turnout soared in a midterm election that came to serve as a national referendum on the president. The GOP's grip on high-profile governorships in Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin were at risk as well.

Trump's approval rating was negative among the nation's voters, and more said the U.S. was on the wrong track than heading in the right direction.

President Trump also endorsed this impression, telling voters in a campaign rally that "your vote in 2018 is every bit as important as your vote in 2016", when they elected him.

Discussion about the possibility of impeaching the President is also likely to grow louder in a Democratic-controlled House, despite the fact that Democratic congressional leaders have tried to tamp down on speculation that the party might pursue impeachment - at least at this point.

Democrats did succeed in holding on to Sen.

The election is the culmination of two years of Democratic activism beginning virtually the day after Trump won the 2016 election and officially kicking off with Women's Marches across the country on the day after his inauguration.

US voters cast ballots on Tuesday to fill all 435 seats in the US House Representatives and approximately one-third of the 100-member US Senate in addition to other local and state offices.

Those Republican candidates who run for office with Trump at the top of the ticket will have a hard time establishing their own political identities - and they may not want to, as United States presidents by and large win their second terms.

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Trump also took little responsibility for the House, saying his focus was on saving the Senate.

Cuomo's decisive win and his targeting of Trump is once again fueling speculation that he might run for president in 2020. Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown was projected to hold his seat in Ohio.

In theory, the new Democratic majority would have the capacity to initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump should there be sufficient grounds in Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation.

What's happening in House races?

All of it leaves Trump a more dominant force in the party than he was even two years ago.

Voters scored Trump positively on the economy and for standing up "for what he believes in".

Millions of Americans voted Tuesday, and results have been projected in several races in the USA midterms, the critical first nationwide election seen as a referendum on Donald Trump's presidency.

While a Democratic victory was far from guaranteed, the party had been viewed as a slight favorite to win the House on Election Day. Andrew Gillum lost to Republican Ron DeSantis in his quest to become the first African-American governor of the key swing state of Florida.

Historically, the party of the president loses seats in Congress after a presidential election, a dressing-down of the chief executive from voters.

Tuesday's result was a bitter outcome for Trump, a 72-year-old former reality TV star who campaigned for fellow Republicans on increasingly hostile anti-immigrant rhetoric and was accused of inciting violence in recent weeks.