Overwatch new playable character Ashe introduced in animated short Reunion


The latest Overwatch short debuted today during BlizzCon 2018, revolving around popular character McCree, and one new face was revealed during the short: Hero 29, Ashe. In Overwatch, the essential part of Lucio's character is that his music has literal healing properties, and the news story mostly provides a story explanation for them.

Ashe was introduced in the new "Reunion" animated short above.

Keeping with her Old West theme, Ashe packs throwable dynamite, which detonates after a set time period or immediately if Ashe shoots it, and a coach gun that knocks Ashe and her enemy backward. You can also use aim-down sights to deal additional damage with more precision. After defeating the gang, McCree opens a mysterious pod holding a sentient robot named Echo.

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When she needs to, Ashe can call on B.O.B, an adorable mustachioed robot sidekick.

No word yet on Ashe's release date or when she'll be playable on the Public Test Realm server, but we'll keep you posted. In addition to her main firearm, Ashe also has access to a stick of dynamite and a small shotgun that can cause massive pushback to both herself and her enemies. And in case this wasn't enough to get you hyped, Ashe is voiced by the legendary Jennifer Hale, whom many of you know best as Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect franchise. Her ultimate calls in Bob, her hulking right-hand man, who will rough up the enemy team and essentially add a seventh person to your team for a brief moment.