IPad Pro 2018 design revealed by leaked icon from iOS 12


We'll be liveblogging the event right here, so come back for the latest news when the event begins. As usual, there'll be a live stream available on the Apple website.

The large-screen iPad will be the first of the company's "iDevice" family to adopt USB-C, which is now also the socket of choice on the MacBook Pro laptops and is also tipped to appear on a revamped MacBook Air to be revealed at the event in NY this Tuesday.

'An interesting aspect of this icon is how large the bezels look when compared to the recent iPhones, ' wrote Apple site 9to5Mac, which discovered the existence of the icon. Apart from the tablet, Apple is expected to announce a newer Pencil stylus and it will still likely to be sold separately.

The iMacs would likely boast a screen update of some kind (maybe standardizing on 4K or 5K, or incorporating HDR; the screens are already up there in pixel count), as well as an internals boost-I wouldn't expect anything major.

And what about the iPad Mini?

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This also means there won't any fingerprint sensor at the base, as well and 2018 will mark the end of the revolutionary Touch ID, which made its debut with iPhone 5S will no longer feature in any of Apple products.

The icon's lack of a traditional Home button also seems to indicate that the new iPad Pro will carry Face ID unlock functionality powered by a front-facing camera (which should be easy enough to hide within the tablet's top bezel area). The MacBook Air and Mac mini, a small desktop machine without a screen, have gone several years without notable changes. The latter variant may have an 11-inch screen with the same dimension as the bezels are slimmer this time and give more screen estate.

Tomorrow Apple has yet another big product announcement, and this one is focused on the iPad. This laptop is even more outdated than the MacBook, and some insider sources have suggested Apple is going to draw the range to a close altogether.

Much attention will be on the battery of the new MacBook Air, with previous models varying between five hours and ten hours. A sharper Retina display is likely to be included in any design overhaul. So, customers who have been awaiting an updated MacBook at a much lower price than Air will get a new option. Any upgrade should include 8th-generation Intel processors. The new iPads will also come with a Face ID scanner.