Trump space force - a real need but hazy planning


Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday declined to rule out the idea of deploying nuclear weapons in space, saying the current ban on their use is "in the interest of every nation" but the issue should be decided on "the principle that peace comes through strength".

Vice President Mike Pence said that the USA has flexibility on its military activities in outer space, and refused to rule out the idea that the United States would position nuclear weapons there in the future, saying it would "advance the principle that peace comes through strength".

The new positioning comes as the Trump administration moves to potentially exit a major nuclear weapons pact with Russian Federation and possibly bolster USA military operations in the heavens by forming a "Space Force".

Pence said at an earlier Washington Post forum that China and Russian Federation have established similar space forces.

Pence asserted that the U.S. was going to protect its interests in space and said that to understand American defence today, is to understand the interrelationship between satellite technology and aircraft, ships at sea and submarines under the sea. Pence said, President Donald Trump believes that space is a war fighting domain just like "the land, air and sea".

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A lack of centralized leadership and accountability threatened USA ability to 'advance our national security in space, ' Pence said. The Vice President reported that now to ensure space security, the United States employs about 60 thousand people.

"In the first phase (space forces) will not look like other, already existing types of Armed Forces". Such a change, which the Defense Department has estimated would cost $13 billon in the first five years, must first be approved by Congress.

Pence's remarks on Tuesday came during a "Transformers: Space" policy summit hosted by the Post at its Washington headquarters, where he provided an outline of the Trump administration's plans for space in the coming year.

However, he added that, starting next year, the administration trump will start the cooperative work with the Congress over the adoption of the law on the establishment of an independent space force.