Google and Facebook accused of secretly tracking users’ locations


Google is also planning to expand these same changes to Google Maps and other products next year. The company also recently updated its Privacy Policy, making it a lot easier to read and understand, a move spurred by Europe's General Data Protection Regulation.

Google announced last night that it has simplified the process of deleting your search activity. You'll be able to review and delete your recent Search activity as well as get faster access to privacy controls giving you access to your Ad Settings so you can control which ads you see when you search and let you control what data from Search Google can save. This option is not completely new, but following today's announcement, it is no longer necessary to dig deep into settings to access it - it is being pushed more front and center rather than being hidden on your Google Account page.

Google's updated privacy tools have been seemingly created to let users be a little more aware of their search history and give them the control to delete it faster without having them to go deep into settings. The case against Facebook states that, even if a user opts out of Location History within the app's Privacy settings, the social media will still collect a portfolio of "estimated locations" for said person, by analyzing IP addresses and local Wi-Fi data. Google has been reeling under pressure over a Google+ privacy flaw that left hundreds of thousands of users exposed to hacking. The bug had existed in Google+ since 2015.

Image Google
Image Google

With a company as far-reaching as Google, concerns about user data are naturally always at the forefront (or at least they should be).

The new changes to Google Search will first be available on desktop and mobile web and the same will be implemented in the Google app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks. The company's CEO Sundar Pichai has since agreed to attend House judiciary committee meeting in November.

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