Study warns climate change may bring major beer shortages


Co-author Dr Nathan Mueller, also from the University of California at Irvine, said: "Current levels of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 (carbon dioxide) pollution - business as usual - will result in this worst-case scenario, with more weather extremes negatively impacting the world's beer basket".

The researchers found that beer consumption could fall by about a third in Ireland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic and by a quarter in the United Kingdom, while in China, the world's leading consumer of the beverage, it could fall by 9 percent. What will be the climate change impact on luxury essentials?

Overall, the global beer industry could potentially incur an average yield loss between 3 percent and 17 percent.

The three big cereal crops for human consumption are corn, wheat and rice, she said: "Those three make up about 50% of the world's calories, so they're huge in people's diets".

Consumption in the United States could decrease between 1.08 billion and 3.48 billion litres. They examined scenarios resulting from climate change and then figured out the impact on global barley yields and beer prices.

Overall, Sluyter said Guan and his team's research contributed to the larger picture where climate change proved to be a significant threat against the world's food supply.

Worldwide barley is used for all sorts of purposes, mostly feeding livestock. It was after a day at a scientific meeting in China, and a few participants had gotten together, including climate scientists, a crop modeler and himself, an economist.

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The study, published in Monday's journal Nature Plants indicates in countries like Ireland, where cost of a brew is already high, prices could triple.

There is bad news for all beer drinkers across the world as climate change could set skyrocket price as well as dramatic global supply shortage in the coming future, as per a new study.

Even though the reduction in barley yield could not be termed as the most concerning impact of the climate change, it would invariably affect the economic accessibility of beer as it would be more expensive to buy the widely consumed and the most popular alcoholic beverage.

The research anticipates the price of beer will nearly double here, rising by 93pc as a result.

The Brewers Association, the US trade group, responded to the study by calling it "largely an academic exercise and not one that brewers or beer lovers should lose any sleep over". "A sufficient beer supply may help with the stability of entertainment and communication in society". Some northern areas of the USA and Asia could see barely increases, but Guan says these will be minimal compared to losses. "This is a paper born of love and fear", he said.

Beer is just the latest of life's little pleasures that researches say could be adversely affected by climate change including chocolate, coffee and wine.