In Oval Office Remarks, Kanye West Defends His Backing of Trump


Well, it finally happened - Kanye West's White House meeting with President Donald Trump took place in the Oval Office on Thursday, and it seems like their conversation was just as unusual as you might guess. The rapper was originally invited to lunch with the president, former National Football League star Jim Brown and Jared Kushner to discuss prison reform, manufacturing, and gang violence.

Trevor Noah has poked fun at Kanye West and Donald Trump's meeting at the White House on Thursday, claiming that Trump got to experience the kind of confusion most people feel when they hear him speak.

West spent Wednesday at the SoHo House in Chicago with about 40 community leaders and advisers in preparation for Thursday's White House meeting, according to two sources who attended the discussions.

"I love this guy right here", West said.

West has received ample criticism from his fans for supporting a president who has become a fixture in highly critical lyrics, public comments, and diss tracks from other rappers such as Eminem, YG, G-Eazy, and the late Mac Miller.

Actor Ike Barinholtz criticized the timing of the lunch, writing: "It's good to know that while Florida is being pummeled by a storm and the dow is s-tting the bed and a U.S. "ally" beheaded a journalist that our president is having the world's s--dest lunch with Kid Rock and Kanye West".

After Kanye's speech, Trump, not usually one to be silent, said quietly, "That was quite something".

Kanye West and Donald Trump Jr.

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And NBC White House correspondent Kelly O'Donnell tweeted that West said the MAGA hat "gives him power".

The pair sat down for lunch at the White House, where they talked in front of reporters about West's contract with Adidas AG, overhauling prison sentences, replacing Air Force One with a hydrogen-powered plane, and other topics.

On Trump's support from African Americans: "Blacks really get caught up in the idea of racism over the idea of industry".

Mr Trump won 8 percent of the African-American vote in 2016.

After West's lengthy soliloquy, Trump, who earlier described West as "a friend of mine for a long time" thanked him for his remarks.

Taking questions from reporters, the rapper also voiced concern about stop-and-frisk policing. "He might not have thought he'd have a insane motherfucker like Kanye West's support and best believe, we are going to make America great". "And you made a Superman cape for me".

He concluded his Oval Office meeting by standing up and giving Trump a hug. I love everyone, right?