The Internet Reacts To Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Debut


Doctor Who continues on BBC1, Sunday 14th October at 6.45pm.

The Doctor's arch enemy The Master has most recently been brought to life as Missy, in a BAFTA-nominated performance by Michelle Gomez that easily ranks as my favourite incarnation of the evil Time Lord.

The new Doctor landed on Earth to save the day against a creature who was hell bent on hunting down a human as a trophy, alongside Tosin Cole's Ryan and Bradley Walsh's Graham.

And, for the first time in the show's 55 year history, Doctor Who - a super-smart force of nature who can change appearance (and gender) by regenerating when near death - will be a woman.

She explained: 'I've got to embrace this time and be really excited by it but it'll be ace when it's not a moment because there will be so many female Doctors to come but I will be that 80 year old going "Hiya love, have I told you about this".

It's not just my friends and I who dug it, though, as it's looking like fans across the world thought it lived up to the high expectations.

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"Well, my relationship with it is I'm now a very new Whovian".

"Good to hear a northern accent that isn't gratuitous or for comic effect", posted one appreciative viewer on Twitter. Five minutes into the episode, Tenant said, he'd all but forgotten his friendships with Whittaker and exec producer Chris Chibnall and must got caught up in the fun of the show.

Dyspraxia wasn't the only issue the show dealt with, it also tackled problems that can affect all of us.

When Yasmin refers to her as "madam", Whittaker's Doctor ask: "Why are you calling me madam?"

However, others were delighted with Jodie's Northern accent, with one tweeting: "One of amusing things to me about what people dislike about the new Doctor is the accent".

Doctor Who will be available on ABC iView on Mondays at 5.45am AEDT, from October 8, immediately after the United Kingdom broadcast.