Facebook message about your account being cloned is a hoax


The message then tells the receiver to forward it to their friends. If you see another you out there, you can click on the "Report this profile" button on the bogus account's page to have it reported to Facebook.

Officials encourage you to ignore the message and not to follow the message instructions because it only spreads the hoax further.

The messages begin with "Hi...."

"Hi.I actually got another friend request from you yesterday.which I ignored so you may want to check your account".

So by sharing it, you're probably not going to do any harm, other than making yourself look a bit gullible, but you're also not doing anyone any favours.

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Did you get a message from a Facebook friend telling you that your account has been cloned? They don't gain access to any of your private information but will try to trick your friends into adding them and then ask for money or send viruses.

WHEC in NY reports that Facebook told them more accounts are not being hacked; the message is spreading due to a viral chain letter. I had to do the people individually.

Kelso said the best way to keep your Facebook account form getting cloned is to hide your friends list. "PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A NEW friendship FROM ME AT THIS TIME".

Forwarding these messages is actually creating confusion and suggests a widespread, sudden problem that doesn't exist. However, Facebook told a local ABC News affiliate in Syracuse that it has not seen a rise in cloned accounts.

There was a cloning epidemic on Facebook 18 months or so ago. It means nothing. And definitely don't forward it to your friends.