Theresa May dancing to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' will make you wince


After proving herself far from being twinkletoes during a tour of Africa, she made a decision to shimmy in on stage with Abba's Dancing Queen playing on the speakers during a Conservative Party conference.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May.

Her performance before her conference speech had a mixed reaction.

May awkwardly took a spin around, robotically pumped her arms in the air Wednesday and had a brief laugh at her own expense before a key speech.

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Continuing the self-deprecating theme, May opened her speech with references to her hitch-ridden appearance at last year's conference, where she was plagued by a persistent cough and one of the letters on the backdrop behind her fell down mid-speech.

Her dance moves on previous occasions led to a huge meme-fest and this time too it was no different.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been using her political career as a Trojan Horse to sneak "the robot" dance move back into society (because really what other reason could there be?) - and here's all the proof you need. Although it left few Abba song lovers sad as they complained the song has been "ruined" for them as they believe it can not be "unseen".