Canada, US Reach Deal to Stay in Trade Pact With Mexico


On Sunday, a senior Trump administration official said the new deal, which effectively replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement, would allow the White House to focus its attention on China.

Like many other Canadians, Rosen feels Canada hasn't been treated with respect, referring to the personal attacks and steel exports that are still subject to US tariffs over what Trump calls national security concerns.

The newly christened U.S. -Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, or USMCA, provides increased access to Canada's dairy market for U.S. producers. The medicines are among the most costly and innovative on the market and are a major driver of drug spending.

"By increasing the term to 10 years, there will be less competition and higher prices", said Valeria Moy, an economics professor and the director of Mexico Como Vamos, a think tank in Mexico City. This deprives many investors of a whole host of protections.

Online shoppers: Canadian consumers won't have to fork out duties for online purchases from the US worth up to $150, an increase from the current $20. The catch here is that the House now controlled by Republicans, may go Democrat. "It's largely political, a reflection of the fact that the large battle the engaged in is with China". "We don't like their representative very much".

After weeks of hunkering down in Washington, Freeland and David MacNaughton, Canada's ambassador to the USA, had spent the day in Ottawa taking part in an aggressive, long-distance, last-minute push to get Canada into the trilateral free trade deal ahead of a key congressional deadline. "This is not appropriate for a trade agreement".

Roland Paris, a former foreign policy adviser to Trudeau, expressed relief that the deal is done but anxious about the long-term relationship between the two countries.

The latest trade agreement, with the United States and Mexico, continues tariffs the US imposed last spring on Canadian steel and aluminum, prompting the industry to criticize the government for selling out the sector. The U.S. wanted a higher figure.

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"Specifically, we will seek clarity on how the agreement addresses the existing tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium, as well as how it will ensure that tariffs and quotas upon Canada's auto sector exports will be avoided", Beatty said. Trump has reciprocated by reportedly saying that Freeland "hates America".

The leaders of all three nations are preparing to sign the agreement before the end of November - possibly at the Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires, according to Mexican officials.

Despite Trump's assertion that USMCA is a huge success for his approach, his negotiations have done damage to the US' alliances with Mexico and Canada.

The meat of the accord centered on changes that would benefit a handful of major US industries - oil companies, dairy farmers and pharmaceutical companies - possibly at the expense of consumers. "The new name will be The United States Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA", Trump said in one of two Twitter messages. There are some needed updates, some minor improvements in places, and a few things that will make North American goods less competitive globally. A Chinese delegation was expected in Washington last week, but the visit was canceled after Trump announced tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, infuriating Chinese leaders. No chance for that before US mid-term elections coming for the Senate and House of Representatives in a couple of weeks.

Lopez Obrador has at times criticized the foreign investment that has poured into Mexico after the country began allowing foreign companies to invest in oil exploration and production in 2013.

But the USA and Canada had trouble dealing with other areas in the pact, including Canada's dairy industry, its insistence on a strong dispute settlement mechanism and concerns about intellectual property and culture. Chapter 11, which allows companies to sue governments over perceived mistreatment, has been dumped.

Aaron Padilla, senior adviser for worldwide policy at the American Petroleum Institute lobbying group, said companies pushed for the arbitration clause because they are investing big sums over many years in offshore oil projects and want to be sure they have some protection from changing politics.