Facebook hackers got access to Tinder, Spotify, Instagram and more


When you log into websites like Facebook, you are given an access token. This was not too long ago, and 70 million accounts were compromised as a result.

MPs have demanded that Mark Zuckerberg travels to the United Kingdom to face questions about his "terrible disrespect" for the data of citizens, following last week's data breach at Facebook that resulted in 50 million user accounts being exposed to hackers. Facebook has a "view as" feature that lets users see what their profile looks like when other people view them.

Hitesh Kargathra, lead security consultant at Falanx Group, said organisations are being judged less on whether they have suffered a data breach and more on how these breaches are handled.

Personal information of users "was exposed due to a flaw in Facebook's code that allowed hackers and other nefarious users to take over user accounts and siphon off Personal Information for unsavory and illegal purposes", according to the complaint, which was filed by a California woman and a Virginia man.

"This case involves the continuing and absolute disregard with which Defendant Facebook, has chosen to treat the PII of account holders who utilize Facebook's social media platform", the lawsuit reads.

What's more, if the victims logged into other services - like Tinder, Instagram, or Spotify - with their Facebook accounts, those might be affected to.

Facebook has faced a lot of scrutiny over various aspects of its business and its capability to protect its users' information from any hack or breach. So I guess there is no need to freak out, Facebook has got everything under its control now.

There's a risk millions of Facebook users have had sensitive information compromised.

It’s Time Facebook Protected User Privacy with Blockchain Tech
Facebook reveals security incident affecting 50 million users

On Friday morning, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a press conference regarding the matter.

It's not clear whether the attackers did this, but the possibility may force companies that rely on Facebook's login system to launch their own investigations.

The massive security breach is the latest turmoil to hit Facebook, which is still reeling from the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which personal data belonging to millions of Facebook profiles was harvested by the data analytics firm to target them with political ads.

The company has temporarily switched off the View As feature until the security review is going on. It is unclear how long the hackers will be able to use the access tokens to get into third party apps.

If you log out of Gmail and try to log in again, a new access token will be generated. More than 90 million users were pushed to log out from their devices, while the "view as" feature behind the havoc was also disabled.

According to Facebook, more than 120 million users had seen such content.

What can you do to protect your Facebook account? You type in your username and password, and click enter. But it wasn't until mid-September that Facebook noticed an uptick in unusual activity, and not until this week that it learned of the attack, Rosen said.

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