Kanye West -- Wearing MAGA Hat


Rapper Kanye West has drunk the covfefe, as seen in unaired footage from the Saturday Night Live Season 44 premiere.

NBC had cut the feed for time, but Mike Dean, West's longtime producer and engineer, posted a clip of the rant on Twitter. There are a handful of claps, but also some angry shouts from the audience. For all his "try love" talk, the reality is that West consistently uses his platform to incite and divide. In one clip, taken from Chris Rock's Instagram Story, an audience member can be heard whispering "oh my god", in awe that West was still going. You wanna see the sunken place? OK. OK, Ima listen to y'all now. "I'ma put my superman cape on, because this means you can't tell me what to do..."

Later, West lamented at the lack of balance in media and Hollywood, estimating that 90 percent of both industries are liberal.

His speech was met with a smattering of applause but louder booing from the NY audience. Adam Driver hosted the show while West performed alongside Teyana Taylor, Kid Cudi, and Lil Pump to name a few.

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He later tweeted support for Kavanaugh, saying "Just started, tonight, our 7th FBI investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh ". Kavanaugh said in a statement that he had done "everything" requested of him and would "continue to co-operate".

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"I'm watching Kanye on SNL and is it possible I inhaled some LSD", tweeted Sopan Deb, a culture writer for the New York Times.

He replaces singer Ariana Grande on the show who cancelled for "emotional reasons", the show's creator said.

Some were puzzled about how to pronounce the name, while others were more tickled by the fact that Kanye had apparently misspelled the word "formerly". Kanye then gave a politically-charged speech about how he approves of President Donald Trump and his own plans to run for office in 2020. "He's racist.' Well, if I was concerned about racism I would've moved out of America a long time ago".