Russian Federation says will send newer S-300 missile systems to Syria


But Shoigu said that the Israeli military warned Russian Federation about last week's strike just one minute before launching it and claimed it was being conducted in Syria's north. This happened just a week after the Moscow community accused Israel of an indirectly causing which occurred two weeks ago to the shooting downing of a Russian made military jet in Syria.

Russia announced on Monday that it will supply the Syrian government with more modern, S-300 missile defence systems following last week's downing of a Russian plane by Syria, a friendly fire incident that sent regional tensions over the war-torn country soaring. Moscow accused Israel of creating risky conditions that caused the crash. However, he was quick to that Syrian government forces were responsible for the incident. Russian Federation and Israel set up a hotline in 2015 to avoid accidental clashes in Syria. The two countries follow a de-confliction mechanism, keeping each other informed about their military actions in the country.

Meanwhile, the meeting of Russia-Israel intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation is scheduled for early October.

The Russian military aircraft was downed by Syrian government missile defence systems, killing all 15 people on board.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Putin on Monday that supplying advanced weapon systems to "irresponsible players" would heighten dangers in the region, according to Netanyahu's office. The downing of the plane prompted Moscow to reverse the decision, according to Russia's defense minister.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said Moscow had in the past obliged Israel by refraining from providing Syria with the S-300. "And it is not our fault". Gen. Igor Konashenkov produced data collected by Russian air defence systems in Syria purportedly indicating that one of Israeli F-16 fighter jets was flying close to the much larger Russian plane, resulting in the Syrian missile homing in on the bigger target.

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"The information provided by the Israeli military.runs counter to conclusions of the Russian defence ministry", the Kremlin said of the call, adding that the actions of the Israeli pilots had led to the plane being targeted by Syrian air defence systems.

But the new system potentially makes Israeli airstrikes in Syria more hard. He added that the systems were ready to be supplied and the Syrian troops were trained.

Russia's military operates a major airbase in Latakia province, the same region where Israel conducted last week's airstrike. On top of that, the Russian military will start using electronic countermeasures to jam any aircraft that would try to launch attacks off Syria's coast. Last month, Russian Federation said it convinced its Iranian allies to withdraw to at least 85 kilometers away from the Israeli border, relieving Israel of a major security concern.

"The Israeli military command either does not value the current level of relations with Russian Federation or does not control certain military units", Konashenkov said. Nevertheless, Russia, which is now fighting in Syria favor in support of the government against the militants and the rebels said that according to the events which transpired, the Syrian anti-aircraft batteries in their range shot an IL-20 surveillance plane down, this was a mistake.

The Russian military angrily rejected those claims.

President Vladimir Putin initially struck a reconciliatory note, blaming the downing on a "chain of tragic, fatal circumstances".