New Oculus Quest wireless VR headset ships in spring for US$399


Interestingly, an upcoming Star Wars experience from ILMxLAB will also be available on Oculus Quest with its first episode, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series debuting on Oculus Quest for launch. Sure they give you VR, and you can watch movies and maybe play some games, but the graphics are practically N64 quality and you're constantly mindful of the fact that you have little more than a fancy phone strapped a few centimetres from your eyeballs.

The controllers let users interact with their virtual environment by moving their hands in the real world - with the motions tracked by the system. The headset rounds out Oculus' VR lineup, joining the Oculus Go and Rift as the company's new middle-level offering.

Oculus will include two of the Rift's Touch controllers with the Quest in order to provide a consistent, yet familiar method of interacting with objects in virtual space. Traditionally it is not as capable of 3D rendering as the CPUs and GPUs found in the PCs that power the Oculus Rift. The Quest also comes with touch controllers, much like the Rift, giving you the tools you need to game in virtual reality.

Finally, Oculus Go is also getting live streams of National Basketball Association games through the Oculus Venues app, thanks to a cooperation with NextVR.

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Here's everything we know about the Oculus Quest, including its hardware, software, features, compatibility, price, release date, and more.

Meanwhile, the Oculus Go is getting a content injection through the addition of YouTube's entire library of over 800,000 VR videos.

Why it matters: Project Santa Cruz is now Oculus Quest, Facebook's next standalone VR headset.

The Quest should go on sale in Spring of 2019 starting at $399. These sensors also allow Quest to go beyond roomscale, with Oculus saying it can go into a 4,000 square feet room. The big selling point is that it's a completely wireless all-in-one system-it doesn't even have external sensors-but still offers "Rift-quality experiences", according to Zuckerberg.