Google turns 20 today: A journey from 1998 to 2018


Google first introduced a news feed of trending content past year, but this update will show users more so-called "evergreen" content, which is not new, but the app believes will be of interest to the user. One of the most important ones, without which it could have never grown to its current size, is selling advertisements next to its search results. They'll be live through Sunday, Sept. 30, so try them out while you can. Google also points out that we've now reached a point where neural networks can help the company take major leaps forward from understanding words to understanding concepts. This feature can be useful for trip planning or project work. There are all sorts of hidden objects and a secret trap door in the garage.

Moreover, the company is also working towards improving the exhaustive job searches that often end up making the user scroll from one page to another and to another without benefitting them in the first place.

Thankfully, the search page has stayed relatively minimal. And that is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning stepped in. At the event in San Francisco, where Google announced the new features, virtually every slide showed how the new tools would look on a smartphone, not a desktop. Google says that it uses the same technology as Google News Full Coverage to show different perspectives on the same story.

Activity Cards will surface "where you left off in search", showing you previous pages/sites visited and previous queries. The main objective of revamping the search engine is to assist its users while they conduct long-term queries that can not be answered by a solitary search.

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Abe was quoted as telling Rouhani that Iran's constructive role is indispensable for ensuring stability in the Middle East. He said that the leaders of this country, stole the wealth of his people. "We have lived up to the JCPOA ", Rouhani said.

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I certainly could have started him this week, which would have limited his options, but that's not how we operate here. As for the Tigers, hearing about Kelly's decision to transfer was quite upsetting.

Google AdWords, as it became known, was launched in 2000 and soon turned Google into a highly profitable company. The new design now offers topic headers which better explain "why you're seeing a particular card in Discover". Google says there will be more of a focus on visual content, including videos. It is basically Google's way of displaying news feed, just like Twitter's "Discover" category.

The firm's vice president of search, Ben Gomes, said: "Providing greater access to information is fundamental to what we do, and there are always more ways we can help people access the information they need".

The patch up utilizes computerized reasoning to enable clients to discover products on the Web, depending more on pictures instead of content.

In a blog post, Ben Gomes, VP, Search, News and Assistant, at Google said while nearly everything had changed about "technology and the information available to us, the core principles of Search have stayed the same".