New Search Features Added For Google’s 20th Anniversary


A Google feed used by more than 800 million people monthly is getting a new name, Discover, and increased ability to offer people relevant information they are likely to want but haven't thought to ask for yet. Now, AI will do the storytelling for you and served via Search, starting with content about celebrities and athletes, for some reason. For example, under a new movie trailer in the feed you might find details about people starring in the movie.

The search giant has also been working towards more visual content when it comes to search.

The Easter egg theme is "2018 results for stuff you might have searched for in 1998". You'll be able to hit buttons to see more or less about certain topics from the feed. The new name recognized the renewed focus on news rather than predictive search. It has been mentioned that these new features will be reaching end users over the next few months so it may not be there on your devices yet.

Across the board Google has reduced the impact of personalisation in customising search results, which has helped address the issue of filter bubbles, says the head of Google's search ranking team Pandu Nayak.

The commemoration of Google's 20 anniversary is also bringing improvements to image searches.

The first of these concerns were AMP Stories, Google's open source library that helps publishers to build web-based, Snapchat-like flipbooks with insane graphics, animations, videos, and streaming audio.

Google introduces new 'Discover' feature as Search turns 20
Google overhauls search to show more pictures, videos and context

Google GOOGL is adding a bunch of new features to its namesake search engine, executives said at an event in San Francisco on Monday.

And third, Google Images is one of the most popular features of search, according to Cathy Edwards, vice president of Google Images.

(Credit: Screenshot by 3. As Google puts it - "The new feature will enhance the existing feed experience with newer categories offering users information they are interested in even without a query". You can find your search history in account settings and access it while searching. Users can also delete pages from the activity card. The cards only show up when they're relevant, so it won't clutter your searches.

In a demonstration, a user searches Google for "DIY backyard vertical garden", which pulls up a variety of a backyard garden images. Suggestions pop up in Collections too, so you can dive deeper.

While conventional search engines ranked results by counting how many times the search terms appeared on the page, the two theorized about a better system that analyzed the relationships among websites.

Apparently, Google has run more than 200,000 experiments that made way for 2,400 plus changes to the search engine.

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