Meghan Markle breaks protocol by closing her own vehicle door


The 37-year-old duchess is now preoccupied assisting her mother in finding a home for her in the United Kingdom so that she would have a place to call her own when she has long visits to England.

The Duchess of Sussex stepped out for her first solo event this week since becoming a member of the royal family.

Footage of the moment quickly appeared on Twitter, and the reaction from some was nothing short of hysterical.

While what she did may seem like what any other person would do, her actions became a hot topic on social media as Markle apparently broke royal protocol.

She then shook hands with one of her hosts before shutting the vehicle door behind her.

Ah, yes - everyone loves a royal rebel ignoring the rule book. "It is something she's always done herself like the rest of us".

They will have the opportunity to talk to service users, volunteers and staff.

Royal correspondent for The Sun, Emily Andrews tweeted: "A princess who still takes the time to shut her auto door".

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Another wrote: "I give up on this world when people are congratulating a person shutting a auto door on their own". "Vehicle door shutting does not fall under protocol!"

"Everyone is freaking out because Meghan Markle closed her own door", the girl said.

Despite most people assuming door shutting just wasn't something royals were supposed to do, etiquette and protocol coach William Hanson insisted there were actually no rules in place.

"I think she did it as a normal action to close a vehicle door".

"When Meghan Markle closes her auto door she gets called humble and relatable, but when I do it I'm "slamming the door too hard", another wrote.

One Twitter user joked: "People congratulating Meghan for closing her vehicle door is the most British thing ever" while another said: "I can't believe Meghan Markle closing a auto door is big news, this world is broken".

"Meghan clearly just shut the door out of force of habit".