Google Maps now works with Apple's CarPlay in iOS 12


The Google Maps update should have reached your phone by now if you are already on iOS 12.

Apple is also adding support for other third-party navigation apps such as Waze, although this app has not yet added integration for the CarPlay service.

CarPlay owners can now use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps in their cars.

Things we're excited about: rainbows, puppies, and navigating with Google Maps on Apple CarPlay. You will see an app screen where Google Maps will have appeared.

Google Maps 5.0 with Apple CarPlay support is a big deal for a variety of reasons, at least as far as we can see it.

Google Maps is now available for use on Apple CarPlay, Apple's auto user interface.

Google Maps works with Apple CarPlay following iOS 12 update
Download Now: Google Maps for Apple CarPlay Now Available in iOS 12

Google Maps is a great alternative for some, especially if they prefer the app on their handset. User no doubt will be glad to make the transition to Google Maps that offers a much more comprehensive coverage. You just speak your destination, and Google figures out the rest.

Google's Waze navigation app does not yet support CarPlay, but its development team are working to implement it, according to the report.

You need to follow a simple process to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps. Also make sure you are using iOS 12.

I expect to give this a spin and update you on my experience with third-party mapping apps in the near future. First, go to Settings and select CarPlay. In an interview with TechCrunch in June, Apple Senior Vice President Eddie Cue revealed that the company had made "a huge investment of making millions of changes, adding millions of locations, updating the map and changing the map more frequently".

On the weekend, first images of Google Maps within CarPlay were shared by a beta tester, hinting a public launch would be coming soon.

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