California Plans To Launch Satellite Initiative To Pinpoint Emitters


"While Donald Trump may have pulled out of the climate agreement, the American people have not", former Secretary of State John Kerry said opening the second day of the Global Climate Action Summit. "China and California are directly talking to each other and with California, on its own, being the fifth largest economy of the world is not a small deal", a United States climate expert told IANS.

The law has been hailed as a landmark legislation that signifies the state's protest against Trump's regressive policies against climate action.

Bloomberg chimed in: "America's a wonderful country".

Over the past three days, more than 4,000 people have gathered in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) convened by California Governor Jerry Brown to mobilize regional, local and business leaders around climate change.

A Global Green Bond Partnership, backed by the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Amundi and major climate finance and sustainability groups was launched with the aim of supporting and assisting sub-national and corporate green bond issuance.

Environmental activists enthusiastically backed the measure, but there was opposition from some of the state's largest utility companies.

Perhaps the most significant sign of Brown's worldwide clout was the size of the Chinese delegation at the summit. "Here we have environmentalists protesting an environmental conference".

Hsu pointed out the symbolism of having China's top climate negotiator in attendance.

"California has led the way, as is so often the case", Gore told delegates.

- Protesters temporarily blocked the streets in San Francisco on Thursday as a Global Climate Action Summit was underway nearby, criticizing California's governor who they say could do more for the environment.

What does California's leadership mean?

It means that investors with assets more than a third larger than the economy of the USA are now firmly focused on accelerating and scaling-up financial flows into climate action and building a more sustainable, low-carbon, global economy.

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So how much do its efforts matter in a practical sense?

"It is significant that China is also the global leader in financing renewable energy", he said.

Nuttall, however, argues that this more than just about U.S. businesses and local and state governments stepping in and reiterating their commitment to achieving the Paris Agreement goals and climate plans and targets pledged by the Obama administration under the climate deal. "This is sort of encouraging".

But that was only one of the many announcements made by cities, states and businesses as they celebrated their progress and reaffirmed their commitment to fighting climate change.

A total of 488 companies from 38 countries have adopted emission reduction pathways in line with the science of the Paris Agreement, up almost 40 per cent from previous year. Brown's actions have helped reinforce collective resolve.

"The West Coast represents the world's fifth largest economy and we are creating a blueprint for other regions", Washington Governor Jay Inslee said. "I think he'll be remembered, on the path he's now?" This was billed as a success story by the two leaders, and the report also contained a roadmap to getting the U.S. much closer to its Paris goal. "They just like us to go a little faster and we would like to go a little faster ourselves".

Unlike that patchwork approach, federal policies like the Clean Power Plan would have cut emissions in all 50 states.

Frances Seymour, a senior fellow at the World Resources Institute, a Washington-based think tank, said the gathering marked the start of more united climate action by government bodies and agencies beyond the USA national government, with disparate alliances and initiatives now "gelling".

Global warming, meanwhile, continues to gather pace: major storms bearing down on the USA eastern seaboard and the Philippines, and wildfires ravaging California, bear the unmistakable fingerprint of climate change, scientists say. It was a central tool for the LPAA and the French Presidency to build momentum and support the adoption of the universal climate agreement at COP21 in 2015.

That may be why Gov.

"Everywhere you look there's a challenge", Brown said.

"This is 10 points, 10 dimensions where we are looking".