'High intensity' rain expected with end of storm Helene


The tropical storm, which is now in the mid-Atlantic, is expected to track towards the United Kingdom over the next few days bringing a spell of windy weather on Monday and Tuesday.

But the majority of Helene's strong winds are now predicted to spend themselves over the Irish Sea from tonight and into Tuesday morning. The mission route of Storm Helene which is expected to hit Britain on Tuesday bringing wet and windy weather Deer stand below shiny tree which herald the arrival of autumn in the grounds of Chatsworth Park in Derbyshire this morning.

Parts of Britain are expected to be battered with winds reaching as high as 65mph as Helene sweeps in from the west.

Some parts could see highs of 79F (26C), which is 7C (13F) to 8C (15F) above average for the time of year, the Met Office said.

Emma Smith of the Met Office added: "Helene is moving up from the Atlantic towards us".

A yellow warning remains in place but the storm is not thought to pose a risk to life. Later in the year there would be less of an impact from these winds as they would offer less resistance'. It exhibits high stress sweeping at some stage in the nation as Storm Helene pushes in.

Tropical Storm Helene to pass near the Azores
Dorset is 'likely' to be affected by Storm Helene, the Met Office warns

"Winds are likely to gust to 55-65 miles per hour quite widely in the warning area, with possible gusts of 70-80 miles per hour in exposure", a Met Office spokesman said.

Heading into Monday night is when we'll begin to see the remnants of tropical storm Helene.

Met Eireann does however warn of the impending storm Ali, which is geared to pass two inches of rain over Ireland in the coming days.

The Met Office warning has been issued from 6pm on Monday to noon on Tuesday, with gales of up to 70mph expected.

Despite a changeable weather forecast recently, warnings are now in effect for the west coast, where powerful winds are destined to smash with serious force.

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