An astronaut has captured a powerful storm from space


A storm's a-brewin' - and NASA has it on tape.

Hurricane Florence is approaching the Eastern Coast of the United States with serious fervor.

The agencies' fleet of satellites track various elements, including location, wind speed, rainfall, and temperature.

Viewed through the wide-angle camera of the International Space Station which orbits at 250 miles (400 kilometers) above Earth, Hurricane Florence appears swirling above the Atlantic Ocean as it's moving west-northwest towards the North and SC.

Meteorologists suggest that the hurricane will reach the U.S. East coast on September 13.

The National Hurricane Center forecasts additional strengthening for Florence before it reaches the coastline of North Carolina and SC early Friday, Sept. 14.

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Trouble began brewing last week, when three hurricanes-Florence, Isaac, and Helene-starting churning up the North Atlantic.

As Hurricane Florence continues barreling in direction of the Carolinas, NASA has posted a outstanding video of the storm with winds drawing reach 130 miles per hour.

"Watch out, America! #HurricaneFlorence is so enormous, we could only capture her with a super wide-angle lens", German astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted this morning, along with the photos to prove it. "Get prepared on the East Coast, this is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you".

Hurricane Florence has reportedly been causing 80-plus feet waves.

"The National Hurricane Middle forecasts extra strengthening for Florence earlier to it reaches the shoreline of North Carolina and SC early Friday, Sept. 14", NASA wrote within the description of the video.