Sanders Confirms DOJ Looking Into NYT Op-Ed


"In Woodward's tape recordings from the president last month, Trump basically calls up saying, 'I wished we could have talked, why didn't you call him?'" CNN regular Brian Stelter told the host.

"It's frankly, I think, sad and pathetic that a gutless anonymous source could receive so much attention from the media", Sanders said of the New York Times piece.

"Imagine your lawyer telling you you are disabled and you can't testify because you can't tell the truth - you just make things up", Wooodward told Colbert. "I think that's a shame". If I did I would not have been elected President.

Donald Trump Jr. expressed concern Tuesday about the dwindling number of White House staffers loyal to his father, who has railed about an anonymous op-ed by a senior administration official who painted a grim picture of the president.

Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward's book about Donald Trump, entitled 'Fear: Trump in the White House', has the current President of the United States riled.

"These are political statements to protect their jobs", he said. For now, the most probable way to end the Trump presidency remains in the ballot boxes and Woodward's book strikes at the heart of the president's credibility and electability.

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward has written books on every US president since Richard Nixon - nine in total. Many have already come forward to say the quotes by them, like the book, are fiction.

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GOP slams Barack Obama for Donald Trump remarks, taking credit for economy
Trump's allies in Congress were quick to make the case that Obama's Friday speech would help Trump's re-election in 2020. Obama also delivered a message via a NowThis video released Saturday urging young people to get out and vote.

"At that moment there was a sense of profound alarm in the Pentagon leadership that 'my God, one tweet and we have reliable information that the North Koreans are going to read this as an attack is imminent, '" Woodward said.

In the Woodward book, Kelly is quoted as saying of Trump: "He's an idiot". "It is past time for the Republicans in the majority in Congress to put their country before their party and provide investigatory oversight, because no legislation nor nominee is worth the potential threat to our democracy outlined in recent accounts of the Trump White House". "He and I both know this story is total BS".

The Op-Ed, which said that members of the administration were working to thwart some of the president's impulses, sparked a firestorm in Washington and beyond, with Trump even questioning in a tweet whether treason was committed. "You want to listen to everyone, you want to be patient, and then you want to go back, and then you want to get into their home", Woodward said, as the audience laughed.

"I think historically speaking, that would be what happens", Trump Jr. said.

Bob Woodward is without doubt the greatest journalist of his generation.

While he has become popular on the campaign trail, Trump Jr. said he hasn't thought about running for office himself. " 'I'm taking this book with a grain of salt & everyone should do the same".