GOP slams Barack Obama for Donald Trump remarks, taking credit for economy


On Saturday, Obama offered what he said was an antidote to political despair - voting.

When that happens, he says, people become cynical and decide not to participate in the political process - creating a vacuum filled by lobbyists and special interests.

"The idea that he doesn't take the respect of past presidents - you never saw George Bush going out talking in a campaign", Mr. McCarthy said. Obama asked, "Its central organizing principle in foreign policy was the fight against Communism, and now they're cozying up to the former head of the KGB, actively blocking legislation that would defend our elections from Russian attack".

On Friday, Obama made his first appearance in the midterm election battle, in a speech at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign, where he accepted an ethics in government award. "We have a chance to flip the House of Representatives; to say 'Enough is enough'".

Trump's allies in Congress were quick to make the case that Obama's Friday speech would help Trump's re-election in 2020.

Trump, the former president said, is "just capitalising on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years".

"He is a re-energizer for progressives who care about what's at stake and a reminder for independents that we can have a President who isn't an embarrassment to the country", said Jesse Ferguson, a Democratic strategist who worked on Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

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Vice President Mike Pence said the American people rejected the policies of Mr. Obama in the 2016 election and that it was "very disappointing" to see him break with other past presidents who have shied away from commenting on the tenure of their successors. He said immigrants are "much more moderate in their views", he said, leading them to register Democratic.

"The biggest threat to our not one individual, it is not one big super PAC of billionaires", Obama said. While the Democrats focus on trying to drum up the anti-Trump vote, the county's Republican party is trying to draw voters to bread-and-butter issues closer to home.

However Pence acknowledged Obama's criticism would procedure a honest distinction between Democrats and Republicans within the advertising and marketing and marketing campaign. "It works for me", Whitaker said.

"Obama should look at himself and what he got wrong, rather than put all the blame on Trump".

Obama also delivered a message via a NowThis video released Saturday urging young people to get out and vote. As Obama noted, the supposed fiscal conservatism that Republicans cited as the reason they couldn't compromise disappeared overnight when they took power: "This is supposed to be the party of fiscal conservatism".

In Orange County, Republicans held a 13-point edge in voter registration 10 years ago but that has shrunk to 3 points while independents, who tend to vote like Democrats in California, have climbed to 25 per cent.

Obama delivered his message Saturday in one of the most critical counties in the country for Democrats ahead of the November midterms.