Two Injured, Three Killed in Cincinnati Bank Shooting


"He was actively shooting innocent victims and our officers were able to kill him and stop the threat very quickly", he said, adding police saved "God knows how many lives".

"These are things we see happening across the country and we all have to be vigilant and prepared to deal with these situations", Isaac said. The number of potential victims has not yet been confirmed, and it's not clear what the name of the suspect is at this point.

Video caught on nearby surveillance cameras would also be made public once cops have screened it, Isaac said.

Records show the shooter formerly lived in South Florida and had been charged with some non-violent crimes years ago.

At this stage, the attacker's motive is unclear. Court records indicate Santa-Perez sued NBC Universal twice this year, claiming his personal information was stolen and broadcast on MSNBC. Yudy Martinez Perez broke down crying in the kitchen floor of her Forest Park, Ohio home Thursday afternoon when she learned that her nephew was the shooter.

Bank employees sheltered in situ for an hour or more as officers swept the building and cordoned off several downtown city blocks. Both suits were thrown out, with one judge calling the motion rambling and delusional.

The incident occurred in a lobby and loading dock of the Fifth Third Bank on Walnut Street, city's Fountain Square.

Cotter said Newcomer had worked for Gilbane, which has headquarters in Rhode Island and has two offices in OH, for four years, overseeing trade workers. "This is abnormal. No other industrialized country has this level of active multiple shootings on a regular basis", Mayor John Cranley said about the shooting. Multiple shot, and tragically there are fatalities. "Details still emerging. Pray for our city", P.G. Sittenfeld wrote.

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The Hamilton County Coroner's office identified the victims as Pruthvi Kandepi, 25; Luis Calderon, 48; and Richard Newcomer, 64.

A Louisville, Kentucky woman was shot 12 times but survived, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

"They were dropping to the ground to get away, trying to find a way to protect themselves", she told Local 12 News. Austin was conscious following the shooting and called her husband, Waller, from the ambulance, Gardner said.

"Cain says at least 15 shots fired".

A witness said a woman walked into the bank wearing headphones, and she did not hear warnings not to enter.

WCPO is reporting that the incident happened in the lobby of the bank.

"All he had to do was look over the counter at us and we would have been shot", Ginyard told reporters, adding she saw the shooter reload his pistol.

"I just seen people running out of the building", the eyewitness said.