Microsoft Was Making an Xbox VR Headset, But Not Anymore


For $22 per month over two years, Microsoft will provide you with an Xbox One S console, access to over 100 games thanks to Xbox Game Pass and an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Both options include the option to forego any upfront costs and pay 0 percent April for 24 months. Outside of the standard Microsoft Store return policy, you can not return or cancel the console or the 24-month Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold memberships, which seems a logical policy given the terms. For comparison, one can purchase a standard 500GB Xbox One S separately for roughly $199, an Xbox One X for $499, Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 per month, and Xbox Live for $59.99 per year.

Xbox One X - $34.99 per month with 0% April for 24 months.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a new way to buy an Xbox One console called Xbox All Access. The $34.99 subscription includes the more powerful Xbox One X, which features additional processing power used to render games in 4K resolution.

"Get an Xbox One S with Xbox All Access starting at $21.99 per month with 0% April for 24-months-a savings of over $130". At the expiry of the Xbox One's remains with the owner as a "credit" for it will be paid over two years to the full.

Following weeks of rumors, Microsoft officially unveiled its Xbox All Access program.

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Microsoft has launched a new subscription plan for those living in the US.

The Xbox Game Pass is armed with popular games such as State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves. Subscribers who cancel before the two year period is up will have to pay the remainder of their balance. Moreover, do note that this is not a leasing plan, its akin to how we purchase smartphones through different carriers, the monthly payment adds to cover the cost of the Xbox which you are the owner of from day one.

On the face of it, $35 a month for a complete Xbox setup with access to hundreds of games sounds like a good deal. Decker affirms that the goal of the Xbox Game Pass is to serve as an "additive" to the existing ecosystem, not to supplant it. Microsoft doesn't "see a future where subscriptions are dominant".

The total cost is $660 or $27.50 a month if you were to divide it by 24. There is no upfront cost and you are required to pay as you go.

Meanwhile, Game Pass opens the door to a huge library of downloadable games from a growing list of hundreds of original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One titles.