Mysterious Cyberpunk 2077 Livestream Kicks Off, Is Gameplay On Its Way?


If you're wondering about the terminology, a vertical slice is an early-development demo created to give an idea of the look and feel of the game, but it usually doesn't appear in the finished product. A behind-closed-doors demo was shown to a select audience of the gaming press, but the developer has finally made a decision to show the world what gameplay will look like in the hotly anticipated title. No one likes Mondays, they're bad... but acclaimed RPG developer CD Projekt Red decided they were going to kick off our week with something great. This isn' totally uncommon, developers usually don't like showing their games too early to the public due to the internet not always having the most competent people. Will gamers get to play this sequence when the game launches?

Cyberpunk 2077 is now in development and does not yet have a release date.

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On top of that, the demo has received an incredible reception from the press members and those who had a chance to watch it live behind closed doors, and on top of that it also had more time to receive a fair share of polish along the road. "This is how "Cyberpunk 2077" looks today". However, what Borzymowski did say is that the story is now pretty much finished and is in the game. Now that I've seen official gameplay I'm even more excited than ever.

"However, we are also well aware that many of you want to see what the media saw." - adds Badowski. It's pure conjecture at this point, granted, but this date marks 2,077 days following Cyberpunk 2077's first teaser trailer on January 10, 2013. "So for the trailer we really wanted to show how you could take the cyberpunk elements of this dystopian world and show it when the sun's out".