United Nations to Convene Yemen Peace Talks in Geneva


Cholera cases are increasing near the capital, Sanaa, and the major port city of Hodeidah, where recent conflict has hindered WHO's efforts to prevent the disease.

The head of the rebels' revolutionary council, Mohammed Ali Al Houthi, said Wednesday's offer of a temporary maritime truce came as "support for United Nations mediation and peace efforts".

A proxy war is playing out in Yemen between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The war has already killed 10,000 people.

"The number of people killed in the two attacks has reached 20", a doctor in the Red Sea city told AFP, with other medical sources putting the number of wounded admitted to hospital at 60.

It was the first independent toll since the attack took place.

Hundreds of thousands of people depend on Al-Thawra, which is Yemen s largest hospital, she said.

"While the exact circumstances around the ground explosions are still unknown, this lack of respect for civilian life and civilian property is reprehensible", Johannes Bruwer, head of the ICRC delegation in Yemen, said in a statement on Friday.

"The scenes coming from Hudaydah are horrific", the statement said.

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"The coalition follows a strict and transparent approach based on the global law".

The plan included the establishment of the Comprehensive Humanitarian Assistance Center in Yemen to coordinate humanitarian action in Yemen to communicate and answer the questions and needs of humanitarian organizations working in Yemen and provide support to relief workers.

Mr Bin Mubarak said the council need to take a firm stand on the Houthi rebels retaining access to strategic areas from which they were launching attacks on worldwide shipping.

The gulf country launched in June the Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance (MASAM) to remove mines in Yemen, protect civilians and ensure the safe delivery of humanitarian supply.

Ahmed Yehia, who witnessed the attack, said body parts were scattered in the area of the strike: "There is a pond of blood outside the hospital's building", he said.

The Saudi spokesman for the Arab coalition forces that have been threatening to seize Al Hudaydah said Friday that the coalition had not carried out any operations there.

The operation continues despite the United Nations warnings of a possible humanitarian catastrophe.

"The attack targeted one of the city's main hospitals on the same day as the planned launch of a Cholera vaccination drive, and as the UN Special Envoy briefed the Security Council in NY".