'Brady Bunch' house for sale for nearly $1.9 million


The Los Angeles Times reported that Violet and George McCallister bought the home in 1973 for $61,000. Indoor scenes were filmed in a studio, so you won't find Mike Brady's den, where he doled out so much fatherly wisdom. Its sellers said it will give first priority to bidders who have plans to keep the home preserved, according to Carswell. The couple has since passed away.

According to the Zillow listing, it's the second-most photographed home in the USA after the White House. The dated but well-maintained interiors of the residence, which do not adhere to the layout of the Brady family house, have an easy flow between rooms and are quintessentially 1970s with deep shag wall-to-wall carpeting, low-cost pressed-wood paneling, nubby popcorn ceilings and myriad floral wall coverings.

Oh look! An old-fashioned intercom system.

Although the TV series' indoor set wasn't modeled on the actual home's interiors, they definitely date back to the time period.

The property features a gated motorcourt, in addition to a separate garage, as well as a large, private backyard with gardens and a lawn.

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The Brady Bunch house-or at least the one that was used for exterior shots in the 1970s sitcom-is for sale in Los Angeles. The Brady's house stands out from the homes in the area.

It's the story. of an iconic house that could get the wrecking ball. 4 stars!' wrote another reviewer.

He said his team is "preparing for an avalanche".

The owners died and their children are selling the property.

Due to the icon nature of the house, Carswell said they won't just jump on the first big offer - especially if it is from a developer who wants to tear it down and rebuild on the 12,500-foot lot.