J.K. Rowling calls out Donald Trump over typos


US President Donald Trump was mocked by JK Rowling for his hilarious tweet on Tuesday.

The president criticized the press for "pouring over" his tweets "looking for a mistake" even though he had written "many best selling books" and was proud of his writing skills.

Merriam-Webster got involved as well when they pointed out that it was the improper spelling of the word "pore", as Trump wrote "pour", instead.

Harry Potter author J.K Rowling was one of the first to mock Trump, posting a series of tweets repeating hahahahahaha.

But Mr Trump has defended his unique writing style in a tweet that hit out at reporters for pointing out his grammatical and spelling errors.

So when Trump tweeted to boast about his "ability to write" on Tuewsday, Rowling couldn't help but howl in laughter.

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Donald Trump's tweet boasts about his "best selling books" and his ability to write - and it includes a typo.

Famous for having penned the Harry Potter novels, the English author and long-time anti-Trump commentator swiftly pounced on the misuse of the word and laughed as long as Twitter's character count would textually allow her to.

Trump/Twitter A screenshot of Trump's tweet before the message was deleted and retweeted without the typo. The president swiftly deleted the tweet and reposted it with the correct use of the word pore.

Rowling has often criticised Trump on Twitter in the past, once writing "Voldemort was nowhere near as bad" when a publication compared Trump to the Dark Lord.

"But the dictionary's Twitter account couldn't resist one final jab at the president, and specifically, his infamous "do: "'comb over" [is] 'to comb hair from the side of the head to cover the bald spot'". What is meant by the phrases "to pour over", "to pore over", and finally to "comb over".