Criminals Empty Back Account of America's Oldest Veteran


Overton's family does not know how his social security number and personal checking account number was compromised or who the culprit is.

But after Volma checked the new balance, that deposit was the only money Richard had available in the account. That's when he realized that his cousin's personal account only had the funds he just deposited.

"I looked at it - what the hell are these debits?" the cousin told KXAN.

Once it's gone and the caregivers go, Volma fears Overton will, too. Family members recently learned that an unidentified thief used Overton's identity to buy savings bonds through the government's TreasuryDirect site over a couple of months. He wouldn't say how much was in the account, or how much was taken, but Overton Jr. said a very large amount of money was taken from Overton.

When asked his thoughts on the potential of it being someone close to the 112-year-old veteran, he said: "It'd be bad to know somebody who's been that close to him have used him like that". Volma additionally told reporters that, "He's a quite visible and [a] well-known person, so if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone". That same notoriety led to his name and date of birth being announced regularly by news outlets.

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This account is a personal one and is separate from the family's GoFundMe set up for his continued care. As of Saturday afternoon, that account has raised more than $370,000.

Military records show that Overton registered for the draft in 1940, and that he enlisted in the Army in 1942.

Overton now lives in Austin, Texas.

In 2013, he was honored by then-President Barack Obama during a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Ceremony.