Facebook 'Keyword Snooze' Lets You Mute Annoying Posts


Naturally, the feature might be criticized as contributing to the narrowing of our news diet - allowing partisans to put blinders on to certain subjects that are important yet distressing ("immigration", "global warming"). Per the announcement, those who have access to the option will find it in the upper right-hand menu of a post (where the three dots are located).

Regardless of how you use the Keyword Snooze feature, more control over what you see on Facebook and how you see it is always a good thing. By the time it rolls out for everyone, users may be able to snooze keywords preemptively by going to their news feed preferences. Facebook told TechCrunch that it's not permanent because people may forget they snoozed a word, but if user response indicates they want a longer snooze time, Facebook may implement that. When you don't want to see posts about a current event, or a show, or even just something you don't want to look at for a while, you can simply snooze posts which contain words related to that topic. Then you hit the drop down arrow and click the button that reads, "Snooze Keywords In This Post".

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The feature sounds a lot like Twitter's "muted words" option - but on Facebook, it will only last 30 days. It can only be done proactively, and only appears to affect organic user-generated content and not, ads or paid promotions due to different teams handling those. But promoting binary options and initial coin offerings is still ...