While Sony did nothing, Nintendo and Microsoft just embraced cross-play


Sony made mainstream news with its "hijacking" of players' Fortnite accounts, which get locked out from Nintendo Switch and Xbox cross-play the moment they become connected to PlayStation Network.

It is a trailer for Minecraft cross-play that features both the Xbox One and Switch as co-stars.

But cross-platform gaming doesn't just let people play together, it makes it easier to leave one platform behind entirely, as players bring their progress and friends lists with them.

Of the big three game console makers - Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo - Sony is the final holdout when it comes to multiplayer gaming across competing systems.

Check out the trailer for yourself below! Nintendo stock has exploded out of the Wii U gutter on massive Switch sales, while the Xbox One has been somewhat of a disappointment. In the video, you can see a Switch player and an Xbox player gaming together in the wonderful world of Minecraft.

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Sony's PlayStation 4 was the bestselling platform, and it remains the top-selling console this year to date.

But wait, didn't Minecraft come to the Nintendo Switch a year ago? No other official PlayStation or Fortnite sources have shared the bundle so far, but Sony PlayStation Italia is Facebook-verified, so.it looks pretty legit.

Hot on the heels of Nintendo and Microsoft embracing each other with Minecraft crossplay, Sony has revealed an exclusive console sponsored by one of the games that stirred up the crossplay conversation: Fortnite.

Sony Online Entertainment's former chief executive John Smedley suggested that the real reason behind Sony blocking cross-play was money. "They didn't like it when someone bought something on an Xbox and used it on a PlayStation".

When hackers revealed an unpatchable exploit allowing deep system access in all existing Switch consoles back in April, some industry watchers anxious that this would lead to widespread piracy for copyrighted games on the system. As such, this is the first time that a Nintendo commercial prominently features an Xbox controller.