Indonesian woman swallowed by, cut out of 25-foot python


She was swallowed first from her head.

Wa Tiba's slime-covered corpse was discovered after the snake was sliced open in the nightmarish video, which has been likened to a horror film.

Indonesian villages are getting notoriously infamous for horrifying incidents of giant pythons' attack on humans.

It was the second python attack on a human in Indonesia since March last year, when a 25-year-old man was swallowed whole by a python in West Sulawesi province.

They, however, stumbled upon the bloated seven-metre python just 30 metres from where the missing woman's sandals and machete were found.

The villagers cut open the 23ft-long creature and found Ms Tiba's body was intact after she had been swallowed head first.

Villagers cutting the snake open
Villagers cutting the snake open

Macabre footage posted online shows the villagers dissecting the serpent's stomach with what appears to be a machete and cutting out the woman's lifeless body, Newsweek reports. They captured the snake, cut open its belly and found the woman's body.

A 14.85 meter-long (49 feet) reticulated python curls in a box in Curugsewu, Central Java, Indonesia, Sunday, Dec. 28, 2003.

On March 24, a snake charmer in India was nearly killed by his pet python after it tried to strangle him during a live show.

"The people are terrified, afraid to go outside", local villager Ayu Kartika told the journalists.

She probably didn't die inside the snake: A reticulated python secures its prey with a bite, then wraps its body around the victim, squeezing down until the victim can not breathe, before consuming, according to the Associated Press.

A serpent of this size would only need about an hour to swallow a human body, states the media outlet.

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