Paul office tower, captivating public


This item has been corrected to show the building is called UBS Plaza, not UBS Tower. Building maintenance was able to get the raccoon to step back from that ledge but instead of safely heading down to the ground, it instead escaped up, scaling some 20 stories on the nearby UBS tower.

Laurie Brickley, spokeswoman for the St. Paul Animal Control Department, told BuzzFeed News all the attention might have spooked the raccoon, causing it to stand pat and not move from its spot.

"It's definitely a healthy raccoon".

The racoon has been set free in a private residential property, wildlife management services said on Thursday (June 14).

In April, the NYPD received a number of calls from scared residents who believed they'd seen an escaped tiger wandering the streets of NY.

Twitter celebrated as it reached the roof at 03:00am (07:00 BST) where cat food was waiting inside a trap.

Tim Nelson of Minnesota Public Radio, who has been covering the high-altitude drama, tweeted the news just after 3:45 a.m.

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Among those riveted was Suzanne MacDonald, a raccoon behavior expert at York University in Toronto. The raccoon, animal-control authorities said, will be trapped and aided upon reaching the roof.

But she changed her mind and climbed the building again.

Initial speculation was that the raccoon climbed to a lower part of the building, frequented by pigeons, in search of bird eggs. It will be released "somewhere safe", wildlife management employees said.

Both men laughed when asked if they had managed to get any work done during raccoon-watch.

The internet was gripped by a daring raccoon that climbed a 23-storey skyscraper in Minnesota, USA.

The eyes of the world were focused on one raccoon. "The best thing is to leave him alone".

"But you don't see them scaling office towers", Mr Nelson said. I'm not sure that was true.