Meow! Restaurants launch Twitter war with IHOP (now IHOB)


Earlier this week, IHOP took to Twitter to announce they're officially changing their name to IHOb.

The risky switch from flapjacks to burgers comes after Dine Grand Global, the parent company of IHOP and Applebee's, saw a 1.9 percent decline in sales in its most recent fiscal year, reports show.

And it doesn't stop there.

Cheeseburger, who also runs Worldwide Wrestling Dojo in Pennsylvania, responded: "A nice breakfast at IHOP is nearly a national pastime at this point".

The name change quickly trended on Twitter, with plenty of upset pancake lovers.

"Burgers are a quintessential, American menu item so it makes ideal sense that IHOP. would go over the top to create a delicious line-up of quality burgers", said Nevielle Panthaky, the chain's culinary chief.

The "b" stands for burgers. It ends with the company's new logo and the message Burgers Burgers Burgers.

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But the press release indicates the name is likely only a temporary change, and the heading, "IHOP® CHANGES NAME TO IHOb℠", uses a service mark, which refers to a service-the new line of burgers-rather than a brand name itself.

Steak-umm, a maker of frozen sandwich meat, chose to give the whole name change thing a go by renaming itself Cake-umm and altering its Twitter header image to match. The name change, though, is meant to help the franchise connect with more people.

Wendys' message to IHOP is clear: If you're going to play the burger game on social, you've got to be ready to go up against the reigning champs.

Well, name changes aren't easy - just ask Puff Daddy.

"The whole goal of this effort was to convince people that we were just as serious about our burgers as we are about our pancakes, ' Haley said". Others pegged the "burgers" gimmick in advance as well.

The hints of a name change had spurred guesses on social media - and some disappointment today at what was revealed.

A mother-daughter duo at the same eatery said they wouldn't think of IHOP for dinner, while a young man carrying a skateboard said he patronizes that IHOP in the wee hours of the morning because it's the only place open at that hour - and even then he orders pancakes.