Aletta becomes first hurricane of eastern Pacific season


The storm has maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour (220 kph) and is moving toward the west-northwest at five miles per hour (seven kph). The National Hurricane Center is giving the tropical wave a good chance to develop into a tropical depression this weekend south of the Mexican Riveria. This disturbance is now a cluster of storms, but is becoming better organized.

Some outer rainbands will likely push ashore, at times, through next week, possibly triggering local flash flooding if they persist in any area for a few hours at a time. Neither immediately threatened land, though Bud was expected to kick up high surf along the coast and potentially could reach the Los Cabos resort region by Thursday or Friday.

People who get caught in a rip current are advised to swim parallel to shore until free of its influence.

NASA peers into the rainfall of Eastern Pacific' Tropical Storm Aletta
Aletta becomes first hurricane of eastern Pacific season | Tri-City Herald

Now running out of time, Aletta is traveling deeper into the chilly Pacific waters as a weakening cyclone.

Infrared satellite imagery now shows that Aletta continues to lose organization and has become less symmetric.

Aletta was first named a hurricane on Thursday, June 7, which is over two weeks earlier than normal. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15 through November 30, with peak activity from July through September. Such type of storms are classified as major hurricanes, and when they have hit Category 3 intensity or greater, then the danger rises ad they are expected to threat for the land. It's happened seven other times since 1970, according to NOAA's historical hurricanes database.

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