"Star Wars" breakout Kelly Marie Tran is STILL facing racist trolls


Star Wars Facts, a popular Twitter account, claimed Tran had deleted the posts "due to months of harassment". But that dream turned into a nightmare when it became clear that fans detested her character - which sadly turned into an assault on the actress' race.

Understandably, the actress had enough.

Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley also deleted her Instagram account temporarily in 2016, reportedly due to abuse she received online. After months of harassment from the franchise's alleged fans, Tran ended up leaving Instagram but not before deleting all her posts on the social media platform.

The "Star Wars" fandom has had a toxic and sexist underbelly that's reared its head many times since Disney took over. The footage shows off gameplay from The Han Solo Session, EA Games' upcoming crossover between Battlefront and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

American internet personality Paul Ramsay also tweeted a photo of Tran making fun of her appearance and it wasn't long before others on Twitter joined in.

Numerous replies to Johnson's latest comments continued in that vein, with accusations that he had "killed Star Wars" and caused the latest instalment - a Han Solo spin-off - to flop at the box office.

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In her one of her now deleted Instagram posts, she had spoken about her excitement at joining the franchise.

"You can dislike a film, You can dislike a character But anyone who insulted Kelly Marie Tran is simply not a true Star Wars Fan", another said.

But Tran - who played Resistance mechanic Rose Tico in "Last Jedi" - faced online trolling and harassment as the divisive film opened last December.

As of June 5, Tran's Instragam remains live, but all her posts are gone. On "Wookieepedia", a Star Wars-oriented website, someone changed the description of Rose Tico to include offensive and racist language.

For years, Tran chose to stay away from social media - in fear that she'd get ripped to shreds. "Simple as that. That is not what I signed up for ... and I didn't sign up for people to go, 'You're amazing!' but I didn't sign up for them to say things like, "Your skin is s**t", either". I'm super-sensitive - not too sensitive - but I really feel things.