Israeli forces kill 21-year-old Ezzaddin Tamimi in Nabi Saleh


While the Israeli military disclosed that soldiers had fired shots in the area, it confirmed that the gunfire was not aimed at Razan Najjar, the 21-year-old volunteer medic at the center of the controversy.

"The soldier hit by the rock opened fire on the Palestinian who was (then) injured and received medical treatment on the spot".

Pro-Palestinian Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak, who was in Nabi Saleh, told MEE that Tamimi was shot with live fire at least twice including one bullet that hit him in the back of neck and exited while he was 45 metres away from the soldiers.

On Wednesday an Israeli parole committee rejected the 17-year-old's appeal for early release, said a spokesperson for a group campaigning on her behalf. "He was treated at the scene and he was later declared dead".

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The Palestinian Information Ministry said in a statement that "the execution of Tamimi in cold blood, with three bullets at close range, proves how much our people are in need of worldwide protection against the Israeli war machine". Israel has shot literally several thousand Palestinian protesters over the past couple of months, so shooting unarmed protesters is not an unusual thing for them. US -brokered peace talks collapsed in 2014.

Authorities expected large protests Tuesday along the border over the anniversary of Israel's victory in 1967's Six-Day War, when the country seized the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

"For your own benefit, it is better that you not participate in the violent riots at the fence, not attempt to breach it, and not permit Hamas to turn you into a tool", the leaflet says.

Israel's use of deadly force against unarmed Palestinian protesters has drawn global condemnation, with United Nations war crimes investigators set to probe the Gaza massacre.