Israel to deduct from Palestinian funds for arson damages


The Israeli military said on Saturday it was investigating the apparent killing by its troops of a Palestinian nurse on Friday during protests along the Gaza border.

The U.S. embassy was moved there last month.

While responding to Razan al-Najjar's shooting, United Nations envoy to the Middle East, Nikolay Mladenov, wrote in Saturday 2 June, that "medical workers #NotATarget!"

Since the mass Gaza rallies began on March 30, more than 100 Palestinian protesters have been martyred by Israeli army gunfire.

On Wednesday, Hamas said that armed groups in the Gaza Strip had agreed to a deal with Israel following a night of air attacks targeting several Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions in the coastal enclave, so long as the "occupier" did the same - referring to Israel.

Friedman claimed that most journalists covering the clashes in recent weeks had never bothered investigating whether Israel had other viable alternatives for defending its border besides using live fire.

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An axe that the army says had been in the possession of a Palestinian man who tried to cross into Israeli territory from the southern Gaza Strip before being shot dead by IDF troops on June 4, 2018.

The Palestine News Agency (WAFA) quoted Palestinian government spokesman Yousef Al-Mahmoud describing the Israeli plans as "an act of robbery and banditry".

The military says the Palestinians were carrying an axe and had damaged the fence in their attempt to cross into Israel on Monday. "Unfortunately, the Hamas terror organization deliberately and methodically places civilians in danger". "As was widely covered in Argentinian media, the match now is being played in order to celebrate the "70th anniversary of the State of Israel", part of Rajoub's letter said.

The strikes came days into a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

The protests, dubbed the "Great March of Return" have seen thousands gather to demand the right of return to their families' lost homes or lands, now in Israel.

Two-thirds of the two million Palestinians in Gaza are war refugees or their descendants.