Man Killed When Car Plows Onto Baseball Field During Game


A terrifying situation unfolded in ME over the weekend when a woman drove her vehicle on to a Little League and Babe Ruth league baseball field in the town of Sanford Friday night, killing a man who was at the gate to the complex in the process.

The 68-year-old man who was killed after a auto hit him at a Babe Ruth baseball field in Sanford previously confessed to an unsolved hit-and-run of a four-year-old in NY. In Fulton, New York, Parkhurst struck and killed 4-year-old Carolee Ashby, who was walking to the store with her 15-year-old sister Darlene Ashby (now Darlene McCann) to pick up birthday candles for Darlene's birthday.

Relatives of the girl said news that Parkhurst had been killed by a driver in Sanford brought closure to the family.

"It's hard to believe and I'm thinking maybe she had a mental illness that I didn't know about and if so she hit rock bottom", she said.

The driver, Carol Sharrow, drove across a Little League field and struck Parkhurst who was near the main gate of the field.

She added, "Now I am relieved". Carol Sharrow, of Sanford, Maine, allegedly blew through a gate and drove onto the field at Goodall Park, sending players and bystanders scattering for safety, police said.

Several people rushed to Parkhurst's side once the scene was safe and rendered aid to the 68-year-old, who died en route to the hospital due to the injuries he had sustained.

Police received a tip about Parkhurst and went to interview the teen about the accident. "I don't know where I hit that thing ..."

"It was terrible", said Sanford resident Karyn Bean, who said she saw Mr Parkhurst get hit.

Parkhurst confessed to the hit and run in 2013, but he was never charged - the statute of limitations had run out.

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In his four-page confession obtained by the Syracuse Post-Standard during its reporting about the case, Parkhurst said he and his brother had been drinking before he hit the girl.

"I personally think the best thing for these boys is to get back on the ball field", he said. "It sounded like I hit a dog".

Parkhurst left NY and moved to ME after he confessed to the hit-and-run, and reportedly never apologized to McCann or her family for what he did. I did not stop.

"I did not see what I hit". "I am oh so sorry".

"I know in my heart and I am 99.9 percent sure I hit that little girl with my 1962 tan Buick Special".

Even though there was no apology, McCann hopes that one day she can forgive Parkhurst for what he did. "I wish they did and I would have told them the truth". He moved to ME and faced no consequences.

The documents showed police were skeptical of that explanation, but it was unclear why police did not continue to investigate Parkhurst. She entered no plea in court on Monday.

Johnson said the case of Carolee's death has stuck with him for a long time.

"It's an incredibly unusual twist of fate that the guy who killed Carolee Ashby 50 years ago and hid in plain sight for 44 years suffered the same fate", Johnson said.