China vows to retaliate after United States imposes fresh tariffs


American companies provide an estimated 25 percent to 30 percent of components in ZTE's equipment, which includes smartphones and gear to build telecommunications networks. According to the USA, plans to impose the tariffs on Chinese goods are about to continue and 25% additional tariffs on Chinese imports worth $50bn will be effective "shortly" after mid-June. Trump, facing criticism from some in Congress for cozying up to Beijing, on Tuesday renewed his threat to impose the tariffs on China. At occasions, President Trump has praised his Chinese language counterpart, Xi Jinping, at different occasions he has swiftly criticized Beijing for its commerce practices, typically in fast succession.

Pointing to a pause in the trade dispute, the administration had pointed to China's plans to "significantly increase" its purchases of US goods and services and make "meaningful increases" in USA exports of agriculture and energy products. The Commerce Ministry didn't respond to questions about the status of the meeting, but the American Embassy said a delegation of trade, agriculture and treasury officials had arrived in the Chinese capital to make preparations.

Tesla said any of its cars sold in China would be subject to adjusted prices, even before the tariff change comes into effect on 1 July.

"The Europeans and Canadians are on their own when it comes to the USA, at least until the next election", Judy Dempsey, editor in chief of Strategic Europe, the blog of the Carnegie Europe think-tank, said. "We will definitely take forceful measures to defend our legitimate interests".

Mr Trump had issued a statement on Tuesday threatening further tariffs on Chinese goods and contending that China's average tariff on imports was more than three times as high as that of in the United States, an assertion supported by World Trade Organisation data. "Our allies and partners are going to be pressured by China to take their side".

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"The second thing is, the president has said we lost the trade war long ago", he said. "We must not allow this country to overtake the United States and become a leading power", Ferguson said.

Trade tensions between Washington and Beijing are likely to generate uncertainty with potentially serious consequences for the Chinese economy, Alfred Schipke, senior resident representative in China of the International Monetary Fund, told a press briefing. However, he said tariffs are a tax on American consumers and a blunt tool to address "very complex problems that hamper trade and investment relationships".

China's retaliatory tariffs against USA tariffs on steel and aluminum are already having an impact on US producers, he said.

In return, the Commerce Department lifted a seven-year ban on ZTE's purchase of USA components that it imposed earlier in May.

In March, US President Donald Trump announced $50 billion in tariffs against China.